Friday 6th of October 

 “Anyone who rejects me rejects the one who sent me.”

Luke 10:13-16

Listening to the Word of God is a necessary part of communicating with the Lord through prayer. God speaks to us through His Words as written in the bible and as spoken by His messengers. It is the only way to gain knowledge and wisdom and to know His will for us. We want to ask many things from God. However, we must first listen to Him because He also wants to tell us many things. When Jesus sent his disciples to heal the sick and proclaim the gospel of the kingdom, He intended these disciples to be His mouthpiece. Unfortunately, some towns did not listen to them. Hence, Jesus rebuked them, saying “Woe to you…” Jesus then warns them that it is not only Him that they rejected but also God the Father who sent Him.

Today, those in the Church’s ministry of proclaiming the Good News of salvation are likewise disciples of Jesus. They are sent to us by Jesus through their calling. If we listen to these anointed preachers and servants of the Church which is the Body of Christ, we listen to the same Son of God who once walked on earth. Woe to anyone who rejects them.

2023-10-06 Weekly Reading 4