Monday 23rd of October

“Fool! This very night, your soul

Luke 12:13-21

As we pray today, we are invited to reflect on the inner motivations of hearts. What or who moves us to make the decisions and choices we make? The man in this parable was moved and motivated by his desire “to eat, drink, and have a good time.” This led him to store treasures for himself rather than to share his excess with others. He was greedy and only saw his wants and pleasure. And his greed prevented him from seeing what was really important in life. Jesus makes it clear that rather than seeking to be rich in the sight of God, he was seeking richness by worldly standards.

How is Jesus speaking to us today? Do we have any traces of greed in our own hearts that prevent us from being rich in the sight of God? We can ask Jesus how we can become rich in his eyes. What kind of richness is he calling us to store up?

Lord, we pray that you help us today to be open to the light that you want to shine in our hearts so that we can enjoy the eternal reward you have prepared for us.


2023-10-23 Weekly Reading 7