Sunday 22nd of October

“Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.”

Matthew 22:15-21

When are the moments when we are willing to sell our values to get what we want? In our reading, the Pharisees in this, the help of the Herodians. A known enemy to them, to trap Jesus. And thus. Arrest him.

The Pharisees were desperately looking for some way to bring Jesus down. This particular day. They tried with the issue of paying taxes, but Jesus was one step ahead, and rather than answering their questions about paying—taxes to Caesar. Jesus spoke about giving to God what was God’s and to Caesar what was his. Whenever we can seek to test Jesus. have there been times when we have got together with an enemy to bring down another? Lord, we pray that you may purify our hearts from any self-righteousness and hypocrisy so that your love and truth may find a home.

2023-10-22 Weekly Reading 6