Tuesday 17th of Oct

“Give thanks for what you have, and it will all be clean.”

Luke 11: 37-41

Jesus valued authenticity. What was the use of the Pharisees following the rules for how to clean themselves, what to eat and what to wear? They were proud of the superficial ways in which they followed God’s law, but inside they were full of greed and wickedness. The people could see through them and they were attracted to Jesus, who was genuine and full of authority.

People today are also looking for authenticity. We hear how little trust people have in the media and in institutions. Who can they believe when there is so much uncertainty? If we give thanks to God for the integrity that He has put within us, people will see that our hearts are clean and that they can trust us. If we take the Good News for granted, we won’t value it. But if we cherish God’s Word, we will protect it and it will grow in us. Jesus, please cleanse us inside and out through the sacrament of Reconciliation, so that people will be able to see your truth in us.

2023-10-17 Weekly Reading 1