Wednesday 5th of July

 “The Gadarene swine.”

Matthew 8:28-34

Sometimes, we might go through periods where we are afraid of change or taking risks. Our fear might prevent us from accepting new challenges and being able to grow, so we continue with our old ways and patterns of thinking.

At times we might experience being possessed by selfishness, pride, and ego, but when we open ourselves up to Jesus and his word, it is possible to overcome these things. When we pray, believe in the power of the Word of God, and step out of our comfort zone, we will then be able to change and welcome God’s blessings into our lives. However, it is our choice, and we need to make an effort in order to be transformed.

Are we willing to cooperate with Jesus so that he can work on us? What do we see in ourselves that we need to improve? Are we grateful for having Jesus and are we aware of his presence within us?

2023-07-05 Weekly Reading 2