Tuesday 4th of July

“Jesus rebuked the winds and the seas, and all was calm.”

Matthew 8: 23-27

What do we think that our journey of faith with Jesus will be like? Some Christians talk about a prosperity gospel where a person who gives their money to their church will receive material rewards on earth. But when we read about Jesus in the Bible, we see that He and His disciples often faced dangers and opposition. The disciples followed Jesus into the boat and they had to face a great storm on the sea. We can imagine that we are in the sinking boat being swamped by the waves. How would we feel, even if we were experienced fishermen, like Peter, James and John?

What is an experience that we have had in our faith where we faced obstacles and felt overwhelmed? We can picture ourselves in that difficult moment, reaching out to Jesus saying, “Save me Lord, I am perishing!” Then Jesus would come and rebuke the winds and the sea of our problems and bring a great calm. Thank you, Jesus for reminding us that you have power over whatever storm or danger we face, if we reach out to you in prayer.

2023-07-04 Weekly Reading 1