Wednesday 12th of April

 “They recognised him at the breaking of bread.”

Luke 24:13-35

After Jesus had Risen, the disciples were having trouble recognising him. We too can have trouble recognising Jesus. Our minds and heart can be clouded by things, activities, doubts and concerns.

However, it is in prayer that we can connect with Jesus and recognise his voice through faith.   Jesus assures us that he is always beside us, offering us the bread of life in Word and Sacrament.

When we receive the Eucharist, our faith is renewed and strengthened, and we experience Jesus’ presence within us.  We can recognise His merciful and unconditional love and be nourished spiritually.  How is our faith in the Risen Lord? Are we able to recognise his risen presence with us? Do we recognise Jesus in our brothers and sisters around us?  What can we offer to other people in our faith journey?

2023-04-12 Weekly Reading 2