Tuesday 11th of April

 “I have seen the Lord and he has spoken to me.”

John 20:11-18

We talk about sharing the Gospel, the Good News. But for Mary Magdalene, the news that she was sharing was the greatest news ever. The teacher who she loved and had dedicated her life to was back from the dead, beyond all of her hopes. She had walked through the night expecting to find a dead body. Then she recognised Jesus when He called her by name and He had to say, “Do not hold onto me.” We can imagine the hug that she was giving Him!

She was carrying out the commandment of Jesus to go to His brothers and sisters and tell them that He was ascending to His Father and our Father, to His God and our God. Do we feel like Mary that this is great news that we want to share with others? Do we feel after our Easter experience that we have regained the redeemer and friend who we thought was lost? Jesus, please give us the passion and loyalty of Mary Magdalene, and the joy that she wanted to share after rediscovering You.

2023-04-11 Weekly Reading 1