Built On Rock is a Verbum Dei project to raise funds to build a spiritual centre in Sydney.


Connect Connect is the new single released by the Verbum Dei band, “Under Construction”.


“I am the living bread” Jn 6:51

Verbum Dei Charism

Prayer with the Word of God is an integral and vital part of the community's daily life. "It is in this intimate dialogue with the Word, or prayer, that our calling and mission to preach the gospel is rooted" (Verbum Dei Constitution #15)


Our aim is that our preaching is always preceded and accompanied by a witness of life that makes it credible.

Witness of Life

Preaching the Word of God for us is transmitting God's life that we receive in prayer. Essential to our mission is to enable others to do the same. (II Tim 2:2)

Ministry of the Word

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The Missionary's chapel at Rosebery.