Monday 24th of June

The Birthday of St John the Baptist

 ‘Your wife Elizabeth will bear a son’

Luke 1:5-17

God’s timing is always the best. He knows better than we do. In the case of Zechariah and Elizabeth, it took a long while for their prayer to be answered. That is why the reaction of Zechariah to the announcement of Elizabeth’s pregnancy is understandable. After all, he is human. No matter how pious and upright the couple was, they may have given up any hope of having children of their own and most probably accepted their fate. Yet God has not given up on them!

Indeed, nothing is impossible with God. Though Elizabeth was already past child-bearing age, God allowed her to give birth to a special person with a special mission: John the Baptist. Today’s passage should really give us hope. In God’s time, all things will be made beautiful and true. In His time, our shame and sorrows will be banished, the world will be fully restored and justice and peace shall reign. As you pray and reflect on this passage, are you ever awed by the great things God has done for you during your life? Will you trust God and say yes to His requests?

2024-06-24 Weekly reading 7