Monday 8th of April
The Annunciation of the Lord 

“I am the handmaid of the Lord.”

Luke 1:26-38

God is not only the creator but also the initiator of all things. It is His plan that we will be saved through His Son Jesus and He asked the cooperation of Mary to make His plan a reality. Mary humbly accepted God’s offer, thus enabling mankind to be saved by Jesus. The story of the annunciation is a story of trust. Mary and Joseph did not understand everything, and they did not mind being misunderstood or even ridiculed by others. They gave their whole lives to God and put their full trust in His divine wisdom and power. Mary specifically submitted herself to be the handmaid or slave of the Lord.

Today’s reading assures us that His kingdom will have no end. Like Mary and Joseph, let us put our full trust in the divine power, submit to the will of the Lord, and we shall overcome. God speaks to us in many mysterious ways. Like Mary, may we be able to understand and accept His plan for us. Saying yes to God is our greatest decision and our own simple contribution to the realisation of His kingdom.

Weekly Reading 7