Saturday 22nd of June

“Do not worry about tomorrow; your Holy Father knows your needs.”

Matthew 6:24-34

Jesus reminds us to live for today. In this day and age, we are so busy, filling our schedules with many things but losing sight of the life that God gifted to us. It seems the more we have and do, the more worry comes our way. Jesus reassures us that we need only trust and depend on the Father, who will provide for our very needs. For many of us, we mistake our needs for our wants. The more we spend time in our prayer, despite out busy schedules, the more we can get to know the Father, allowing him to guide and help us see and ask for what we really need. It is difficult to surrender our worries, yet this act shows our love and trust to our heavenly Father.

He is always taking care of us and knows our every need. He values us so much, more than we can imagine! Let us place our lives in His hands today and every day. In Him, we can trust.

2024-06-22 Weekly Reading 5