Saturday 29th of July

 “Martha works; Mary listens.”

Luke 10:38-42

In this passage, we see the contrast between Martha and Mary as Jesus visited them. Mary sat at his feet whilst Martha was on her feet preparing. Mary listened to Jesus while Martha was telling Jesus what to do. Mary discovered or chose time with Jesus, and Martha was distracted in preparing dinner.

We don’t hear so much about Mary’s experience, but we know from Jesus that Martha was distracted, worried, upset, and resentful. We can probably relate to all of this. When or where are the times in our lives when we are working hard, focussed on details or feel unsupported like we are the only ones doing all the work? We can reflect on, or ask Jesus where he is in these moments and what he wants for us. In response, can we choose to be like Mary and listen to what he has to share with us?

Weekly Reading 5