Thursday 20th of June

“How to pray.”

Matthew 6:7-15

If we are reading this today, we either know a bit about prayer, or desire to know how to pray. As we read the passage, notice what part of Jesus’ words strike you. ‘Do not babble, your Father knows what you need.’ Do we take comfort in knowing God is a lovingFathertous,whoknowsoureveryneed? ‘Your kingdom come, your will be done.’ Do I pray this, sincerely, or do I pray that my own will be done? ‘Forgive us, as we forgive others.’ Do I forgive little, or much?

Today, let us stay with the part that stirs us, and dialogue with Jesus. Let us thank him for the great gift we have been given in learning how to pray, and for calling us into a deeper relationship with him each day. Letusbehumble,openandhonestwithhim,and pray that others too will turn to him in prayer.

2024-06-20 Weekly Reading 3