Wednesday 13th of September 

“Happy are you who are poor, who are hungry, who weep.”

Luke 6:20-26

When we live our lives united to Christ, no experience we go through is ever wasted. Every experience can teach us something. Jesus can bring good out of our dire situation. Out of negative experiences, we grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, which can bring us closer to Jesus.

We discover him and his love that gives us hope, strength, peace and joy. Things might seem too complicated and impossible at times, but with Jesus, all things are possible.

We know that life has challenges. Not only do we have our own personal hardships, but we also have to contend with the selfishness, ingratitude and insincerity of others. However, when we are connected with Jesus, he helps us find ways to deal with these challenges. Are we open to staying close to Jesus in all situations? Do we trust him that he is the one who can fulfil us?

Weekly Reading 2