Wednesday 30th of August

“You are the sons of those who murdered the prophets.”

Matthew 23:27-32

Today, Jesus invites us to live consciously and not just follow the same thinking and behaviour passed down to us by our parents or caregivers. Instead, we need to pay attention to thought patterns and behaviours that are not of the gospel and can hurt or harm people’s feelings.

Today, Jesus wants to assure us that we can change for the better if we obey his word and follow him. We may pretend to be happy, outgoing, and very busy. However, what people see from the outside may not reflect the true picture that Jesus sees and knows our hearts: our fear, lack of faith, worries and concerns.

However, by praying and spending time with Jesus, we can be transformed and be more open to God’s love and let people see Jesus in us. How is our personalrelationshipwithJesusthesedays? Whatdo we want to ask Jesus to change us from?

Weekly Reading 2