Tuesday 20th of February

 “The word that goes out from my mouth does not return to me empty”

Isaiah 55:10-11

As part of the Verbum Dei community, we seek to be a clear expression of the Kingdom of God, building up Christian communities of living faith through prayer, witness of life and the Ministry of the Word.  We might find this mission to be a bit overwhelming. How can we evangelise the whole world of over 8 billion people and make everyone disciples of Jesus? We are not expert theologians and people are so different with so many backgrounds.

God tells us that His Word, the Verbum Dei, is a powerful force of life, like the rain and snow. We have seen what the land is like in a time of drought. Everything seems dead, like s desert. But when the rain comes, the whole earth renews with plant and animal life. We only have to give Jesus the means through listening to Him in prayer, putting what He asks into practice and sharing His Word, and He will act through us. Jesus, please use us as your vessels to give Your life to us and to everyone around us.

2024-02-20 Weekly Reading 1