Monday 6th of November

“Do not invite those who might be able to invite you back.”

Luke 14:12-14

Jesus calls us to love and give with a generous heart, especially for those who cannot repay us. Often, we like to be noticed and expect to have something in return when we do something for another. Yet Jesus shows us another way. Jesus shows us a greater love that moves us to reach out and give to those in need, which can truly satisfy our hearts.

We may know someone who needs our time and presence: an unwell colleague, someone who is experiencing financial stress or a friend who is experiencing burnout. It is these people that Jesus often calls us to encounter, to be able to give freely and love with an open and humble heart.

Let us be aware of the needs of others around us so that we can cultivate generosity in our lives, for our reward will be great in heaven.

2023-11-06 Weekly Reading 7