Sunday 5th of November

“They do not practise what they preach.”

Matthew 23:1-12

Do we practise what we preach? Most of us are good at giving our opinions and advice to others, but the more difficult thing is to practise that same advice in our own lives. Today, we are invited to reflect on the life of Jesus and the call that he gives us to live a life of consistency and service. Jesus shows us through his life that true service doesn’t consist of telling others what they should do but instead modelling in our own lives the qualities of love, humility, compassion and service.

Jesus was strongly critical of the Pharisees and scribes when they would place the heavy burden of adhering to the law and yet not live it out themselves. They were essentially living a double life, demanding one thing from others and another for themselves. Today, let us reflect on how we live out our Christian life. Are we conscious of trying to live consistently? Do we demand things from others that we are not living? Lord, please help us to be authentic, honest and sincere and “practise what we preach.”

2023-11-05 Weekly Reading 6