Saturday 29th of June

“You are Peter and on this rock, I will build my Church.”

Matthew 16:13-19

Today, we celebrate the feast day of Saints Peter and Paul. Peter strongly believed in who Jesus was, “the Messiah and the Son of the Living God.” How is our belief in Jesus? Do we share that same conviction as Peter did? Are we bold enough to say that Jesus is the Messiah despite what others say about him? Are we able to stand firm in our beliefs? Peter had great strength in the faith, and Jesus commissioned him to be the head of the church, which is where we find the leaders of the church today, our Pope and all the bishops, leading and strengthening the faith of the people of the Church.

We too can be strength for others and lead them to a deeper faith in Jesus, by helping to reveal God’s Kingdom of love, mercy and compassion. Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

2024-06-29 Weekly Reading 5