Wednesday 26th of June

 “You will be able to tell them by their fruits.”

Matthew 7:15-20

We may sometimes judge people by their appearance before really knowing them. However, by building friendships and getting to know others, we can discover the reflection of Jesus in each person.

We may also discover that they too share a connection to Jesus and a journey of faith similar to our own. By practicing God’s love, we not only share the fruits of the Holy Spirit with others, but also unite with them. After all, we came from the same source of love and life: Jesus Christ. By staying close to Jesus and continuing in prayer, we can absorb his love through the Word of God and stay on the right path. Are we able to recognise our brothers and sistersinChristwhosharethesameJesuswithus? Do we share God’s blessings to others?

2024-06-26 Weekly Reading 2