Friday 15th of December

“If you had been alert to my commandments, your happiness would have been like a river.”

Isaiah 48:17-19

Contrary to popular opinion that suggests “there’s no point dwelling on the past”, in today’s reading, we are taken to the past to contemplate what could have been or what is, as a result of choices we made. Too often we tend to look at what could have been and the ground lost because of what we failed to be. God does not pretend it did not happen. The way forward is to face the past, as God shows by outlining what could have been, in Is 48:17-19.

History is a great teacher. God really wants us to pick the right road – the road that lines up with His great plans for us. And He can see what’s on all the roads out there. He can see which one is best, and He wants to let us know. In our celebration of Christmas, let us look at ourselves and our response to the call of Jesus which we are hearing during this Advent period. To ‘hear’ in the Gospel implies total acceptance and assimilation of what we hear and incorporating it in our daily lives.

2023-12-15 Weekly Reading 4