Wednesday 6th of December

“The Lord will prepare a banquet for every nation.”

Isaiah 25:6-10

In the midst of our thoughts, plans, and worries, we often overlook the presence of Jesus until we are overwhelmed with doubts and lack faith. However, when we remember that Jesus’ love is the core of our life, we open ourselves to a banquet of hope, peace, and security.

All we need to do is trust in his guidance, remembering the countless times he has rescued us. Let us rejoice that Jesus dwells within us and is a source of strength and peace. Are we grateful for the unconditional and boundless love Jesus bestows upon us? What aspects of ourselves do we yearn for him to transform? Let us seek His guidance, embracing his power of love with open hearts and faith so we can enjoy his presence in our days.

2023-12-06 Weekly Reading 2