Wednesday 8th of November

“Anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.”

Luke 14:25-33

It can be challenging to be Jesus’ disciple; it calls for the willingness to learn to examine our words, actions, minds, and thoughts so that we can be a reflection of Jesus. It also requires that we pick up our cross and follow the ways and values of Jesus. When we can recognise our daily cross and carry it, we can be more loving, patient, forgiving, and persevere by faith.

Jesus reminds us not to ignore what we need to work on in our personal lives but rather to welcome it so that we can be transformed more and more into his image and likeness. We know that the choices we make not only affect us but also have an influence and impact on otherpeople. Bypraying,wewilllearnhowtobeJesus’ disciple: humble, forgiving, compassionate, kind, and caring of others…

What are the crosses in our lives? Are we a cross to other people, too, and in what ways? Can we help others to carry their crosses?

2023-11-08 Weekly Reading 2