Tuesday 28th of November

 “The destruction of the Temple foretold?”

Luke 21:5-11

Some people say that we are living in the end times and that Jesus will come in judgement very soon. They point to wars and insurrections, to nations rising against nations and to famines and plagues. They say that these are all portents and great signs from heaven. We are being told, “The time is near!”

Now especially, we should listen to Jesus when He says, “Do not go after those people.” “Do not be terrified. The end will not follow immediately.” Jesus tells us again and again in the Gospels, “Do not be afraid.” In 70 A.D., the Romans destroyed the temple in Jerusalem and many Jewish people became refugees. They must have thought that the end had come and that they should give up hope. But we can see that even though the Temple was destroyed as Jesus prophesised, God still looked after His people. As Christians, we also have the hope that we will be like Jesus, whose body the Temple of God, was destroyed, but who rose up on the third day to save us.

2023-11-28 Weekly Reading 1