Tuesday 24th of October

“Be dressed for action and have your lamps lit.”

Luke 12: 35-38

Jesus must have shocked His audience. They saw slaves as the lowest members of society. Slaves were bought and sold and beaten. They had no rights and were only property. Jesus said that if we are dressed for action and are ready when God our master comes, we will be like slaves who are set down to eat and then served by their master. How would we feel to have Jesus our master come to serve us as a lowly servant, as He did for his disciples at the Last Supper?

All that we need to do to receive our reward is to do what Jesus asks of us. He comes to knock at the door of our hearts and we need to be ready to open the door to Him. He asks us to do our Father’s will and be alert to his commands. Imagine at the end of our lives, when we reach the gates of Heaven, what would it be like to be welcomed and served by Jesus who will say to us, “Blessed are you, you were ready for me when I came!”

2023-10- 24 Weekly Reading 1