Friday 20th of October

 “Not one sparrow is forgotten in God’s sight.”

Luke 12:1-7

Jesus warns his disciples: “beware of the yeast of the Pharisees.” The Pharisees were extremely religious and they lived out the letter of the law. However, the “spirit of the law” and the “law of love” were not always part of their “lived” belief system.Jesus understood this when he realized that they were plotting to destroy him. Thus, he became even more wary of the Pharisees.

Jesus then warns his disciples about fear. He tells them not to fear the individuals who may have the power to “kill” them (and us). Rather we should be mindful of the people in our lives who strive to kill our souls and separate us from Him.Today Jesus is inviting us to also examine ourselves.We should always remember to ask ourselves: who are the “Pharisees” in my life? Who and what separates me from Jesus? Is it another person or an addiction? Or is it my need to always look good in other people’s eyes? Importantly, we also need to ask ourselves: How am I a “Pharisee” to the people in my life?

2023-10-20 Weekly Reading 4