Monday 16th of October

“As Jonah became a sign to the Ninevites, so will the Son of Man be a sign.”

Luke 11:29-32

As we gather around Jesus today, what are we seeking from him? Are we seeking an answer to a prayer, a miracle, proof of his existence? Or are we seeking his friendship? Many people in the Galilean towns sought a definitive sign from Jesus that would prove his identity once and for all. Jesus is firm and uninterested in giving a sign or proof, knowing that no sign would be big enough or good enough for those to change and repent.

Rather, Jesus speaks about the people of Nineveh who were rebellious and stubborn, but when confronted by the Prophet Jonah to change their ways, they did so immediately. They did not ask for signs or proof.

So, what are we seeking from Jesus? Can we take to heart Jesus’s words, believing what he says to us? Is Jesus’s word and love enough for us to change? Lord, we pray that your presence, word, life and love will be enough for us to believe and change our lives.

2023-10-16 Weekly Reading 7