Sunday 15th of October

“Invite everyone you can to the Wedding”

Matthew 22:1-14

At the heart of the Christian message is the invitation to come. God said Jesus into the world so that every person might have the possibility to join in the wedding feast. However, we know that not everyone accepts that invitation. And we ourselves, at times, might find ourselves being distracted by worldly worries and too busy to take up God’s invitation to come to the feast. Or perhaps we feel unworthy to join because of our sins, mistakes or past choices.

Regardless of how we find ourselves today, Jesus calls us anew. The only thing he asked of us is that we dress in a suitable manner with a wedding garment. The wedding garment that Jesus speaks about is the indispensable condition to turn away from those things that do not give testimony to the values of the kingdom.

2023-10-15 Weekly Reading 6