Sunday 8th of October

“If there is anything you need, pray for it.”

Philippines 4:6-9

What is it that fills our mind? Let’s take a moment to become aware of what is in our minds at the present moment. Perhaps worries, concerns, or anxieties about someone or the future. St. Paul encourages today to “have no anxiety at all.” This we know is easier said than done. How can we work through our anxieties?

Perhaps it might be helpful to follow St. Paul’s advice to ask for what we need with an attitude of trust while at the same time having an attitude of gratitude to God for his providence. Let’s take a moment to thank God for all the gifts he has given us: the gift of the new day, friends, family, the Word of God, Community…

Lord, we ask that you might be with us today. Help us guard our hearts against anxieties, fears and worries.

2023-10-08 Weekly Reading 6