Monday 9th of October 

 “The good Samaritan.”

Luke 10:25-37

In our reading today we are reminded of our obligations as Christians. In Jesus’ time, there were strict rules around clean and unclean and what was considered touchable and untouchable. The priests and the Levi in our passage today walked around a poor man who had fallen victim on the roadside because to touch him would render them unclean.

Have we made certain rules for ourselves that prevent or excuse us from showing love, care and mercy to someone in need? The good Samaritan made no such rule for himself. The good Samaritan did not only attend to the victim, but he also invested in his care. How invested are we in helping others? Do we just see and walk by? Or do we invest our time, money, and resources to bring about the healing of a brother or sister, even the one that I do not know?

Lord, we pray that when we come across a fellow human being in need, we might not walk by but by moved with compassion as this good Samaritan was.

2023-10-09 Weekly Reading 7