Thursday 28th of September

“John? I beheaded him; so who is this?”

Luke 9:7-9

Herod had John the Baptist beheaded, and we see in today’s reading he was perplexed and confused because some people were saying he had now risen from the dead. But John was only the precursor to Jesus, and Herod’s deeper curiosity was really directed towards Jesus. Where is his curiosity coming from? Is it out of fear or guilt, or a genuine desire? What about us? What drives our desire to know Jesus? Who is Jesus for me?

A genuine disciple has a loving, faith-fuelled desire to know Jesus and grow in our relationship with him. The passage says Herod tried to see Jesus. How do we try to ‘see’ Jesus in our own life; to know what he is like and to be changed by him? Today let us pray for a humble and honest desire to know and see Jesus active in our lives.

2023-09-28 Weekly Reading 3