Tuesday 18th of July

“It will not go as hard with Sodom on Judgement Day as with you.”

Matthew 11:20-24

What miracles have we experienced? We may have seen physical healings, or we may have seen how God has been able to change people’s hearts. We should be grateful and thank God for these miracles. But Jesus tells us that the blessings that we have seen and received are also an obligation. People who have received nothing would not be expected to give anything. But we should appreciate that God has given us so much and be prepared to change.

Jesus tells the towns where He did miracles that they should repent in sackcloth and ashes. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah did not repent of their sins and they were destroyed. He called for radical action for the people to avoid the same fate. We have seen much greater miracles than the people who Jesus was talking to. We have received great gifts and we see the many good works that Christians are doing. When we face Jesus on the day of judgment, will we be able to show Him how we have repented, or will we face His wrath because of our stubbornness and ingratitude?

2023-07-18 Weekly Reading 1