Friday 23rd of June

 “Store up treasure for yourselves in heaven.”

Matthew 6:19-23

Where is our treasure? This is the question we might like to ponder today. Jesus tells us, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” While we all seek security in this life, we need money to live; Jesus wants us to realise that true and lasting security comes from God alone. If we are not careful, our desire for treasures: money, wealth, or any richness can invade our hearts and even corrupt us. Indeed, we cannot serve both God and money. Jesus, in this gospel is not saying wealth is terrible in and of itself. Instead, our attachment to our wealth can do us harm. Lord, may we realise that everything we are and we have is a gift from you. May the only treasure in our hearts be our relationship with you.

2023-06-23 Weekly Reading 4