Sunday 16th of April

 “Eight days later, Jesus came again and stood among them.”

John 20:19-31

As we read and meditate on this passage, we are invited to take our place with the disciples. This was the first time Jesus had appeared to them after they abandoned him in his passion. For sure, it was a moment they were afraid of. What would Jesus say to them? How would he respond? Jesus’ first words to His disciples were…PEACE BE WITH YOU!  Not where you? Why did you leave me? Just PEACE. And he went on to show them his hands and feet.

How do we react when Jesus says these words to us today? Are there parts of us there are not at peace? Do we need to hear Jesus’ words of peace and mercy? Thomas was not with the 12 when Jesus appeared and was having trouble believing that Jesus had truly risen. He needed to see and put his hands into Jesus’ wounds before he could proclaim, “MY LORD AND MY GOD.”  Jesus says, “BLESSED ARE YOU”, who have not seen but still BELIEVE. Imagine the Risen Lord turning to us and saying these exact words: “BLESSED ARE YOU.” Blessed are you because you persevere in your faith and make room for me in your heart. You get up when you fail. Lord, we pray that you might always find us faithful and grateful for your unconditional and merciful love.

2023-04-16 Weekly Reading 6