Monday 3rd of April

 “Then he handed him over to them to be crucified.”

John 19:16-18

Jesus models for us how to carry our cross. Jesus took it into his hands and accepted this suffering and knew that it was in accordance with God’s will. Knowing the cross for our salvation gave him the strength to endure his cross and gave hope and meaning to his pain.

When we carry our cross, we can find it very difficult to persevere, yet we look to Jesus and his suffering and his endurance through the pain. Jesus shows us the way, and while it is not an easy one, we are called to carry our cross with meaning and hope. In these moments of adversity, we grow closer to the Father in our willingness to depend on him.

Jesus never asks us to do anything that he did not do first.

  • How do we respond to our cross or crosses?
  • Are we willing, like Jesus, to accept and carry our cross in our lives?

As we near the end of Lent, let us continue to endure in our prayer, fasting and almsgiving and keep our focus on Jesus, who guides us in the picking up of our daily crosses.

2023-04-03 Weekly Reading 7