Thursday 23rd of March

“…though He was rich, yet for your sake, He became poor…”

2 Corinthians 8:9

The exercise of humility is an essential component of our following of Jesus as his disciples.  Jesus is the model of humility, as he gracefully accepted the father’s will and emptied himself, becoming poor so we might become rich; of becoming one of us and sharing in our humanity.  The truth is, the more we are poor in ourselves, the more we become rich in the gifts of God.  Each time we accept our cross and our own poverty, we become rich in God, who loves to fill the humble with himself and his graces.

How can we choose today to humble ourselves before God and others? Do I recognise the pride in my own heart?  Today, let us pray for an increase in this virtue and for a greater understanding and acceptance of our utter dependence on God and need for his mercy, and to put our hope in him alone.

2023-03-23 Weekly Reading 3