Monday 30th of October

“Was it not right to untie this woman’s bonds on the Sabbath day?”

Luke 13:10-17

Jesus shows us in this passage how compassion and healing go beyond the law by healing this woman on the Sabbath day. Like Jesus, we too need to be flexible in our loving and compassion towards others. Sometimes, reaching out to others may be inconvenient or seem beyond our capacity, yet we are called to love one another as Jesus loves us. There may be a time when we ourselves are in the place of this woman needing the help of others. Jesus is our model. He is always there to comfort, heal and love us when needed.

Who are the people we are called to give time to or who need our help? If we are open, Jesus guides us to these people, moving us beyond our own likes and dislikes to show love, compassion and patience.

2023-10-30 Weekly Reading 7