Saturday 30th of September

 “They were afraid to ask him what he meant.”

Luke 9:43-45

Sometimes when we feel in awe of someone, we can also be afraid of them. There are things that they do or know that are beyond us in some way and when we don’t understand exactly what they are saying, all sorts of reactions come up inside us. It seems that something like this was happening with the disciples and Jesus. Can we relate to this with God too?

Are there things that stop us from seeking clarity in what we hear from God? Or times when we think we understand but are not quite sure? Maybe we can share these experiences with him, what it feels like when we don’t fully understand him. Maybe there is embarrassment, confusion, doubt, pride or avoidance. Can we recognise what is happening inside us and be open to listen to his response? God cares about us and wants to be in connection with us, for us to understand his word and his will.

2023-09-30 Weekly Reading 5