“What the father has taught me is what I preach.”

John 8: 21- 30

Some  groups say that they have special knowledge. Their members have to spend years of their lives and thousands of dollars to become part of the elite who enter into the mysteries of their group. What a privilege then that Jesus shares with us what His Father teaches Him. We also have the teachings of 2,000 years of saints and theologians, who have been guided by the Holy Spirit in reflecting on what the Word of God means. God also treats us as His children, so we are part of the most special group possible, with Jesus as our brother.

What part of the Word of God do we want to receive guidance on? Jesus says that He is not of this world. He says that He is God, and that God is our Father. He shares God’s Word with us and always does what pleases His Father. Thank you, Father, for sending your Son to share the Good News of Salvation with us. Please help us to be open in our prayer to your teaching through your body, the Church.