“Father, may they be completely one.”

John 17:20-26

Jesus was praying for us because we are the people who believed in Him through the words of His first disciples. What does Jesus mean when He prays that we, His community of believers, may be completely one? Does He mean that we should all be identical and have no disagreements? If a jigsaw fits together perfectly, what is special about that? That is how a jigsaw puzzle is designed.

But if all of the members of the Verbum Dei community and of the Catholic church become completely one, that is a miracle! Everyone has their own background and culture, strengths and weaknesses. We only have to look around our parish when we are at Mass. Instead of us all being the same, we can imagine that we are all looking at and moving towards Jesus from where we are. We are united by our faith in Jesus and we come closer to each other as we come closer to Him. Jesus, please give us the gift of faith and of community, so that the world may believe in you through us. May people describe us like your first community, “See how they love each other!”