“Give alms from what you have….”

Luke 11: 37-41

COVID has affected people differently. Some people now have greater physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Other people, who have helped those in need for many years, are no longer able to because of the risks to their own health. Some people have more spare money because they are not able to spend on holidays and entertainment. Jesus is calling on those of us with more to give more.

But what if we don’t have funds to spare? Jesus asks us to give alms from what we have. We may have more time available because we are working less. We may be able to reach out to people over the phone and electronically, even when we can’t see them face to face. Jesus asks us to share those things that are within us, our faith, hope and love. There is a greater need than ever for us to give what we have received because so many people are suffering and many of those who have volunteered to help in the past are not available. Jesus, please help us to give, not to judge people, so that you can work through us and cleanse our hearts.


On the 12th of October the Verbum Dei Missionary Community in Sydney celebrates 31 years of re-foundation. We give thanks to God for his faithfulness and for the missionaries past and present who have given their life in his country. We also thank you, the verbum Dei Family who support, encourage and work with us as we live out the Charism that has been entrusted to us!