“Leave her alone, she had to keep this scent for the day of the burial.”

John 12:1-11

As we enter Holy Week, we witness the great love and gratitude of Mary, the sister of Lazarus, towards Jesus. Jesus had brought her brother Lazarus back to life. Mary gave all she had, by anointing Jesus with the expensive oil that was meant to be for Jesus’ burial. Mary was not affected by the opinions of others, as she continued to anoint Jesus.

For us today, we may hold of our affection and love for Jesus, because of the reactions of others and what they may say. Yet, we need to show this loving attitude and our full attention to Jesus who has given so much love for us so that we may have hope, strength, peace, and faith in our lives. Like Mary, let us show our gratitude towards Jesus; in putting our whole self to worship him and give glory for all that he has done for us.