“The Lord’s power is at best in weakness.”

2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Today St Paul reminds us that weakness is not a negative thing, for the follower of Jesus, rather, it can be a means through which God’s power can be seen in us. What is our reaction to our perceived weaknesses? Do we get upset, frustrated, impatient? Or are we able to accept all the different parts of ourselves knowing that God can use it for has purposes?

Once Paul understood that God’s power was most effective in weakness then he could say, “I am most happy to boast of my weakness.”  

Paul was able to make this movement because his main concern was Jesus, and to make Jesus known. When we too, have Jesus at the centre of our hearts, and as our main focus, rather than ourselves, then we too are able to accept even those things we do not like in ourselves, because we are aware that Jesus has a plan and can use everything for good.