“This text is being fulfilled today even as you listen.”

Luke 1: 1-4, 4: 14-21

Today we celebrate the Sunday of the Word of God. This was an observance established by Pope Francis in 2019, a day dedicated to the celebration, study and spread of the good news. Our community Verbum Dei as you know is Latin for Word of God. The Word which is Christ is central and at the core of who we are called to be. We know that when we pray with the Word of God, we are not simply reading a book, the Word is alive and calls us into relationship and conversion.

The gospel today invites us to take our place in the temple as Jesus rises to read from the scroll. Imagine the scene. As Jesus speaks about the good news, liberation, pardon and healing how do you feel? Dialogue with Jesus about this. 

In our world there is so much focus on bad news, brokenness, imprisonment and punishment, however, this is not the way of Jesus. We pray today that as we encounter Jesus in the Word, may our desires increase to be part of Jesus’ unending mission to bring the good news, pardon, liberation and healing to those that need it.