“from that day they were determined to kill him.”

John 11:45-56

In what areas of our lives, do we try to manage God out? Where do we see him as a disturbance to our ideas, plans, lifestyles, routines and want to move him out of the way, eliminate him?  Sometimes from our own limited vision, we can only see one (or maybe two!) ways of doing things and we struggle to believe in any alternatives, especially if they seem somewhat radical as the way of God often does. 

We can decide it is better to put him out of the picture so we can get on with what we think is necessary for life to continue in a way that is suitable for us.  The Chief Priest and Pharisees were no different, they saw Jesus as a threat to life as they knew it and too risky to have around. They saw a way they could sort it out, a way to fix their discomfort by making plans to get him out of the way permanently. Their understanding and vision was so limited that they did not comprehend that was impossible as they were blind to who he really was and the life that he offered.