Hebrews 12:1-4

“We should keep running steadily in the race we have started.”

Sometimes we can be preoccupied with the question what we have to do to gain eternal life. However, Jesus reminds us today that it is not a matter of simply doing things, but rather of being. It is a lifestyle of humility, simplicity, openness and fidelity to God.

When we live by these virtues. We will be entering by the narrow door. We will experience the paradox of being “last in the eyes of the world, but first in God’s eyes.” Who or what are we living for? What lifestyle are we living by? The lifestyle of honour, riches and pleasures? Or the lifestyle of Christ which is humility, love, openness, and fidelity?

The Lord is always ready to help us. As we strive to walk the narrow road, let us rely on him. An. Allow him. To help us. Enjoy. Our earthly pilgrimage? Lord. Lead us in your paths.