Isaiah 12

“The Lord, the Lord himself, is my strength and my defence.”

Today’s reading reminds us that no one but God is our salvation. We can stop being afraid, we can trust God and we have to, because salvation is something we cannot accomplish without God. What is true for me is true for all of you, for both the salvation and the source of that salvation. We are assured of this salvation even when we are living in a time of great disruption, turmoil and despair all around us. The Lord himself is our only strength and defence.

This passage assures us with the confidence of the everlasting goodness of God. Although surrounded by the difficult realities of life, we are aware that we are never sucked into the depths of our despair as the prophet’s words remind us that God is always with us through our highs as well as lows. We need to reflect on the divine gifts of God and consider how we prepare for and receive these gifts. Do we receive our gifts with joy, even in the midst of the challenges of our daily lives?