“Your sins are forgiven; get up and walk.”

Matthew 9:1-8

How easy it is to be conditioned by the judgemental comments of others. In today’s gospel, Jesus is doing a good deed, healing a man who was paralysed; however, his actions were judged to be blasphemes by some. The scribes asked on whose authority Jesus could forgive sins. Jesus confronts their judgemental thoughts. He is not turned off or persuaded from doing the good deed because of others judgements. On the contrary, he heals the man in front of the scribes and crowd.

What is our reaction when others talk about us behind back and misjudge our good deeds? Do we follow Jesus’ example of perseverance and freedom for the good of another?

Today let us not hesitate in doing the good we feel drawn to do, even if others don’t understand it or judge it.