The Annunciation of the Lord 

“I am the handmaid of the Lord.”

Luke 1:26-38 

Although Mary was initially greatly troubled when the angel announced she would bear a son, she displayed great courage and faith in the Lord that he did not mean her harm, but that His plans were good and trustworthy.  Although troubled, Mary believed the words of the Lord spoken to her by the angel, and with great humility she was able to reply with a heartfelt ‘yes’ to God. 

We too are called to have this kind of courage and trust in the Lord.  As we mark 12 months since hard COVID lockdowns started in Australia, many of us may relate to Mary’s feeling of being ‘troubled’.  Yet we are invited to imitate her faithfulness, and not to doubt in the darkness what was heard in the light. Let us pray that Mary our mother will illuminate our paths and teach us how to also give our ‘yes’ to following the Lord more closely each day.