Monday 1st of May

St Joseph the Worker

 “A prophet is only despised in his own country.”

Matthew 13:54-58

Today we are reminded of the attitudes we may have towards Jesus. The people of Jesus’ hometown rejected him because they could not fathom that he was the Son of God. Their hearts were not open, and they were unwilling to believe in Jesus’ wisdom and authority. And this can happen to us as well. When difficulties come our way, do we believe that Jesus is more than just a human, that he is our Saviour, our light and our life? How are we with Jesus? In prayer, do we seek to understand Him by face value or seek to understand His heart?

We are given the beautiful gift of faith that seeks to help us grow in faith and maturity, and this allows us to change our old ways. The more we work towards cultivating our faith, the more our hearts will be open to understanding Jesus’ character and becoming more like him.

On the feast day of St Joseph, the Worker, we thank God for St Joseph and the love, care, and protection he gave to Jesus. We pray that today we might imitate St Joseph’s same fidelity, love and care.

St Joseph intercede for us

Weekly Reading 7