Saturday 6th of May

“Since you have rejected the word of God, we must turn to the pagans.”

Acts 13:44-52

After the resurrection of Jesus and the descent of the Holy Spirit, we are familiar with the growth of the early church. The Apostles were fearless in spreading the Good News. However, their fidelity to the mission was not without obstacles and persecutions. In our reading today, we see the opposition and persecution St Paul faced from the Jews. However, this did not stop him from spreading the good news. 

He recognised instead that he and the other apostles needed to proclaim the Word of God not only to the Jews but to the pagans as well.

As we strive to live out the mission in our own lives, are we put off when others reject the message we proclaim? Or do we persevere in sharing the gospel with others? God has made us a light to the nations to share the good news with all people.  Who can we share the gospel with today?

Weekly Reading 5