Saturday 5th of August

 “The beheading of John the Baptist.”

Matthew 14:1-12

It is not unusual for us to follow the desires or requests of others for fear of losing connection or perhaps control, no matter our generation or status. Howoftendoweallowotherstoinfluenceour decisions without taking time to see what really aligns with our values and our relationship with God? It is human to wish to eliminate that which causes us discomfort or challenges us. We are in a world that often encourages and supports this path of least resistance. Herod ordered the killing of John the Baptist out of fear of displeasing his wife, also due to his pride- in order to not be seen breaking his promise in front of others.

How often in our lives are we led by people, ideas, or beliefs, internally or externally, that do not come from a place of love? God helps us live in integrity, to live and act from who we truly are at our essence, and to not let fear cloud our judgment to the point it dictates our actions. What fears can we bring before God today that are holding power over us?

Weekly Reading 5