Friday 5th of May

“God has fulfilled his promise by raising Jesus from the dead.”

Acts 13:26-33

Whenever we are faced with a difficulty, the phrase that we would really like to hear is “No problem.”  Those two words will give us a sense of relief that whatever the difficulty or the problem is, there is a solution. But can “No problem” really mean that there is no problem or that it is not a problem? When Jesus said, “Do not let your hearts be troubled,” He is not saying that life has no troubles. Rather as we face life with all its troubles and struggles, Jesus is asking us to trust in God and to trust in Him.

We can say that trust and trouble are like two sides of the same coin. When we trust in God, we are able to face the troubles of life; and the troubles of life make us turn to God and to trust in Him. So let not our hearts be troubled. Let us trust in God and trust in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is in the Sacred Heart of Jesus that we will find peace even in the midst of trouble.

Weekly Reading 4