Thursday 3rd of August

 “The fishermen collect the good fish and throw away those that are no use.”

Matthew 13:47-53

Today’s reading speaks of the good and bad that will be separated at the end of the age. Jesus uses language the people would understand, comparing it to a haul of fish of every kind, the good being separated from the bad which is thrown back into the sea. We are called to live among those who are different from us, and to try and build the kingdom of God even among these and an increasingly secular society. How do I do this? What does this reading bring up in me?

There is good and bad in each of us. Each day, we are invited to respond to the grace God gives us in that moment and the goodness in our desires so that we may be counted among the righteous at the end of the age. How will my choices today lead me closer to the kingdom of God?

Weekly Reading 3